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What You Can Find in Your Office Carpet.

Many times we walk into businesses and offices without even thinking of what we are stepping on. Floors are easy to clean, but carpets can hide so much more than just dirt. Vacuuming carpets is not enough and that is why you need a professional cleaning contractor like ProCleaners to handle all of your carpet cleaning needs. Here are some of the things that hide in your carpet if they are not properly cleaned.

  • Dirt and Sand: Most dirt and dust that gets stuck to your shoes ends up in the carpet. The use of entrance mats helps but is not the only solution.

  • Food and drinks: look at your office carpets and count the food and drink stains you see. How many times per week does someone spill coffee? These stains are unsightly and also contribute to bad odors and bacteria growth.

  • Bugs: Yes bugs! Tiny bugs can hide in your carpet and stay out of sight. These critters like to feed on dead skin flakes and other waste in carpets (see: Food and Drinks). Bugs such as fleas and dust mites can easily hide in carpeted surfaces.

  • Germs, bacteria, and mold: Harmful pathogens and bacteria can easily be found in unclean carpets. Things like salmonella, e. coli, staph, norovirus, and others can be eliminated by thorough carpet cleaning.

  • Dead skin flakes: human beings shed a surprising amount of dead skin and dander. This obviously ends up on carpets.

Having your cleaning service vacuum carpets is good, but it is not enough. ProCleaners recommend deep cleaning of carpet at least once per year. This will greatly improve the look and health of your workplace. Furthermore, regular carpet cleaning extends the life of any carpet.

Visit our website and ask for a free estimate today!

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