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It’s not all About Cleaning!

As a commercial cleaning company, ProCleaners excels in providing unsurpassed cleaning results for its clients, and we are probably not the only company in Tucson that can make that claim. However, what makes the ProCleaners service different are those services and advantages that go beyond cleaning.

I recently drove past one of the middle schools that we service. The typical monsoon rain was coming down, and in the middle of a downpour there was a ProCleaners tem member setting up the school crossing signs. ProCleaners provides those services to many schools for which we are the cleaning service provider. Aside from setting up school zones, we also manage the set up of cafeterias and common areas for lunch or special events, help coordinate school bus and student pick up zones, and so much more than just cleaning services.

Another advantage that we provide to our clients is the cost free implementation of a recycling program. ProCleaners is passionate about the environment and recycling. As part of our comprehensive janitorial service, we set up recycling programs for any size facility. This service includes free recycling containers, the periodic collection of recycled materials, and even delivery to a local recycling facility.

Imagine a cleaning company in Tucson that is willing to do such things, like changing light bulbs, changing A/C filters, helping to set up special events or meetings; all of this included in your service. Does your janitor service provide any of these perks? ProCleaners does! Contact us when the time is right.

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