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Critical Cleaning Checklist

Finding a cleaning service can sometimes be a daunting task. Every facility is different, which means a customized cleaning program is the best solution. No one knows your facility better than you and ProCleaners understands that your input is vital to designing the cleaning program that best suits your building.

When shopping around for a new cleaning contractor, you should take into consideration certain items that need to be included in any cleaning program. Below are some of these vital items to take into consideration.

  • Superb customer service: Whether you’re providing positive feedback or a formal complaint, you should be able to count on someone answering your phone call, email, or even a simple text.

  • Improved indoor air quality: Contract a company that uses HEPA filtration vacuums, microfiber cleaning tools, and green chemicals. These and other measures ensure that the air in your facility is cleaner and healthier.

  • Clean critical areas: Any area in your building should be clean beyond the line of sight especially critical areas such as restrooms, patient rooms, and kitchens. Making something look clean is very different from actually making something clean.

  • Industry leading cleaning chemicals and techniques: Never hire a cleaning service that uses dirty rags and string mops. These spread dirt and germs more than they remove. Consider a cleaning service that utilizes tools such as microfiber towels, flat mops, green chemicals, and HEPA vacuums.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service that fulfills these four vital items will get you started on improving cleanliness in your facility and will get you on your way to creating a customized cleaning program. Contact us today so we can help your facility achieve a better standard of clean.

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