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What does it mean to be a Green Commercial Cleaning Company?

First of all, what is Green Cleaning? In simple terms, Green Cleaning is the process of cleaning any facility with the end-goal of achieving good cleaning results while minimizing harmful effects to humans and the environment. Other terms have been used to exemplify Green Cleaning, such as Cleaning for Health, Sustainable Cleaning, among others. Here at ProCleaners, we call it Cleaning for a Better Tomorrow.

Green Cleaning processes, methods, and costs can vary from one provider to another. Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. And not all Green Commercial Cleaning companies are the same either. Some emphasize providing optimal service at a fair price, while others concentrate on providing their service at the lowest price possible.

It is important to note that commercial cleaning companies providing Green Cleaning services usually employ processes and products that are on the cutting edge of technology without necessarily adding cost to a green cleaning program. “Institutional green cleaning products are generally seen as cost competitive or slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, improved cleaning and purchasing practices offer opportunities for cost savings” [1].

Other factors that improve cost savings are present in the form of reduction in energy consumption, waste generation, and water usage. But most importantly, when considering cost savings, Green Cleaning leads to a lower number of occupational injuries due to the usage of safer chemicals, user-friendly cleaning equipment, and cleaning procedures that lead to lower fatigue and body strain. “[Green Commercial Cleaners] meet standards that specifically address health and safety concerns of custodial workers, ensuring reduced on-the-job injury” [2].

As a Green Commercial Cleaning Company, ProCleaners is committed to all of these measures and many more that make our service the best choice for any commercial facility. Being a Green Commercial Cleaning Company means that ProCleaners provides a safe and effective cleaning service to ensure the safety and well-being of tenants and visitors within a facility, its own team members, and the environment.

[1] Espinoza, T., Geiger, C., and Everson, I. The Real Costs of Institutional “Green” Cleaning. 2010. California Green Business Program.

[2] Environmental Working Group and Regional Asthma Management and Prevention. Health and Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning Products. 2011. Green Schools Initiative.

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