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How safe and secure is your janitorial service provider?

Think about this for a minute. The people that come into your building to clean, when no one else is around have access to virtually your whole facility. Do they have any security protocols to ensure their safety or the safety of your facility and assets?

Whether you are in the market to hire a cleaning company or evaluating your current service provider, make sure to evaluate their security protocols. Janitorial services should be held accountable for much more than just cleaning. Safety and security should be at the top of your list of factors to consider when hiring a cleaning contractor.

These are the main protocols your janitorial service provider should have in place to ensure safety and minimize security risks to your facility:

  • Detailed background checks: Every janitorial service should hold their job applicants to backgrounds checks. If a person is to be trusted with keys and codes to a building, they must be a law-abiding person of good character.

  • Utilization of IDs and uniforms: Professional cleaning services should provide their team members with uniform shirts and/or identification badges. ProCleaners’ team members are clearly identifiable by their uniforms or IDs.

  • Safety and security training: Cleaning companies are notorious for hiring and employing people without providing training on such measures. All ProCleaners’ team member are trained on protocols such as, building entry and exit, workplace safety, OSHA/GHS standards, and HIPAA requirements where applicable.

  • Liability Insurance & License: You should never contract a cleaning service that does not posses an operating license or does not have proof of liability insurance. A license and insurance adds accountability and ensures your facility and assets are protected.

ProCleaners utilizes these and many other safety measures so your facilities are secure and so that our services are provided in a safe manner. Cleaning results are important, but in addition, your cleaning service must maintain a safe and secure environment within your facility. Contact us today to learn how ProCleaners can help provide a clean, healthy, and safe facility.

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