Digitize and Go Green

ProCleaners is a Green Cleaning Company. This means all cleaning protocols and products we use are designed to be green and lower any risks to the environment and the human body. But being green doesn’t stop with green cleaning initiatives. Here are some things we do at ProCleaners we recommend you do for your business.

  • Eliminate those Post-It notes.

  • Look at your desk right now and count how many post-it notes are there, and just imagine how many you have thrown away in the past. In this digital age, it is very easy to make notes or reminders on electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Furthermore, these devices can be linked if you have more than one and your notes and reminder will always travel with you.

  • Recycle business cards.

  • You simply cannot avoid the use of business cards, but you can eliminate some clutter by digitizing them and recycling them. You can simply add them to your contacts, a spreadsheet, or use a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Manager software). Also, make sure to buy business cards made out of recycled fibers.

  • Use electronic signatures.

  • How many times have you had to print out a document, sign it, and scan it so you can email it back? Are you still using a fax machine? Eliminate waste, don’t use so much paper and use electronic signatures. We recommend using an online e-signature service or adding a signature to any PDF document that requires a signature.

  • Use electronic invoices.

  • Emailing an invoice to your clients is just as reliable as mailing a hard-copy through the mail. Email is far more reliable than a few years ago and you can even add a read receipt or delivery confirmation depending on the email software you utilize.

These are just some ideas and tips that many organizations and individuals are already taking advantage of.

If you like these initiatives and philosophies, contact ProCleaners to learn more about our Green Cleaning services.

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