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Cleaning Schools to Improve Health, Attendance, and Learning

It’s that time of the year again! School is back in session and so are germs, pathogens, and the never-ending problem of student absences due to sickness. It is estimated that students lose more than 60 million days of school due to common illnesses. Many of these illnesses and absences can be prevented if schools are cleaned properly and with the use of effective disinfection protocols.

Qualified cleaning service contractors such as ProCleaners have the knowledge and the resources to tackle academic facilities of any size. A cleaning company that trains personnel in proper disinfection techniques, handling of blood-borne pathogens and the best cleaning techniques for educational facilities will have the ability to go beyond providing a clean appearance, but also a clean and safe learning environment.

Aside from an effective cleaning program, schools and day cares must take other measures to prevent infections and outbreaks. These include hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene protocols, healthy workplace projects for staff and faculty members, and intermediate or low-level disinfection protocols.

ProCleaners is the green cleaning company ready to provide an effective cleaning program and can help in the implementation of all these health protocols.

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