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ProCleaners needs partners, not customers.

Ron Segura, a prominent consultant who works with large cleaning contractors recently noted, “In the future, successful cleaning contractors will no longer have customers. Instead, they are going to have partners.” This stems from the idea that successful cleaning service providers go beyond providing janitorial services. Strong relationships are built when your janitorial service provides more than just a clean facility.

In order to form partnerships, rather than simple client/service provider relationships, ProCleaners takes into account certain standards that many janitorial service providers forget to address.

  • Communication: Like in any other partnership, personal or business, communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

  • Safety: A building cleaned by ProCleaners is healthier and safer.

  • Trust: Trust calls for the confident expectation of something: a service with clear expectations. No cut corners, no surprises.

  • Respect: It is of profound importance to ProCleaners’ team members. Politeness, kindness, and meeting the needs of our partners.

  • Integrity: Adhering to a strong moral compass. Sound ethics and morals are part of ProCleaners’ principles.

  • Dependability: You can rely on ProCleaners. Our service promise calls for dependability and trustworthiness.

  • Environmental awareness: ProCleaners is a green cleaning company. Our services aim to not harm the planet, and improve your surroundings.

  • Solutions: ProCleaners provides more than just a cleaning service. We provide solutions that improve your day-to-day operations.

If you want your organization to benefit from a partnership that values these standards, contact us for a free cleaning program proposal.

Visit us at today!!

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