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Are You a Good Fit for ProCleaners?

Each business or organization has different considerations when it comes to evaluating a potential BSC (Building Service Contractor) for their janitorial needs.

No mater what the reason might be, ProCleaners will have you covered in meeting the expectations you have determined to be most important to your cleaning program.

Here are eight factors that might indicate that you are a good fit for one of our cleaning programs:

1. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

If your business, organization, or educational facility cares about the environment, what we put in it, and what comes out of it, then you are a good fit for ProCleaners. We clean businesses in a way that is kind to the environment. We employ the use of green products that reduce negative effects on our environment and adapt cleaning procedures that are meant to reduce worker strain or injury. In simple terms:

2. Price and Value

There is this widely spread misconception that green cleaning is more expensive and less effective than traditional commercial cleaning methods. That misunderstanding could not be farther from the truth. With today’s chemical and equipment technologies, green products are just as efficient and many times more effective when performing cleaning and sanitation duties. Furthermore, the use of these green products and procedures does not increase the price of a cleaning program.

3. Safety

If safety is of the utmost importance within your workspace, then consult with ProCleaners on how we can help make your facility a healthier and safer place for all that access it. Here are some measures we take to ensure safety for ProCleaners team members and our clients:

  • Extensive safety training for all ProCleaners team members

  • Use of HEPA filtration on all vacuums to promote indoor air quality

  • Use of hospital-grade disinfectants to improve infection control

  • Use of floor finishes and sealers that conform to National Floor Safety Institute standards for slip resistance.

  • Use of green chemicals that reduce negative effects on the human body. We do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia.

4. Quality of Service

Lets face it. Quality of service is probably at the top of anyone’s list. Rest assured, if you care about quality, then ProCleaners will provide it.

5. First Impression, and Beyond

If you care about what a customer or visitor sees when they walk into your building, then your facility is certainly a good fit for one of ProCleaners’ cleaning programs. We go farther than just providing a good first impression. Whether it is the entrance, a restroom, a conference room, or even your own personal office space, ProCleaners will keep it clean and inviting.

6. Local Business Empowerment

If you are a local business or your organization cares about contracting and promoting local businesses, then look no further than ProCleaners. We are locally owned and operated. What’s even more exciting is that future ProCleaners offices outside of the Tucson area will operate as their own locally owned entities, due to our innovative franchising model.

7. Communication

Ever feel like you can’t get a quick and effective response on an inquiry to one of your vendors, service providers, or contractors? Whether your request is positive or negative, ProCleaners will be on it like green on bamboo.

8. Loyalty

Do you care about loyalty? The majority of our clients have been with us for more than five years. What is even more impressive is our low employee turnover. We give our team members higher wages than our competition and awesome bonus programs. Which means the same team of qualified cleaning professionals will always be there for you.

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