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5 Questions You Might Want to Ask Yourself to Determine if You Need ProCleaners

1. Does your business look just as dirty in the morning as it did last night?

Whether you don’t contract a cleaning service or have someone who services your building, if you notice the same dust, dirt, and trash are still present the next morning, then it is time you call ProCleaners for a customized proposal on a green cleaning program.

2. Have you encountered safety or health issues? i.e. Slippery floors, poor indoor air quality, or high rate of absenteeism due to people getting sick?

If you can answer yes to any of these, then ProCleaners has a solution for your problem.

• ProCleaners only utilizes floor finishes that comply with NFSI/ASTM slip resistance guidelines.

• All chemicals used by ProCleaners are safe for the environment and won’t pollute the air in your office. And, we also use vacuums with HEPA filtration endorsed by the American Lung Association.

• ProCleaners utilizes hospital grade disinfectants that present the latest and most efficient technology for killing bacteria and viruses. We use Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based disinfectants, the most effective and safest in the industry.

3. Are your sanitary supplies always running low?

Whether you decide ProCleaners should provide your sanitary supplies or you have your own internal process of purchasing, you can always depend on ProCleaners to keep all dispensers stocked with an ample supply of the products needed.

4. Are you concerned with how your customers and visitors perceive the cleanliness and appearance of your business?

The cleanliness and appearance of your business are highly noticed by customers and visitors. Giving those people a good first and lasting impression is of the utmost importance. Check out our video to see what we are talking about:!video/k28sq.

If you have concerns about the cleanliness and appearance of your business, then give us a call when the time is right.

5. Do you care about the environment?

All of ProCleaners’ services are green. That means that our cleaning practices do not harm the environment or the human body. We even provide recycling programs at no extra charge. So, if you care about the environment, you can rest assured that ProCleaners will not use harmful chemicals, use effective and productive cleaning practices, and minimize water and energy consumption.

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