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So you have a cleaning service provider. But, who actually cleans your facility?

So, after attending building walkthroughs, receiving service and pricing proposals, listening to presentations, and reviewing all of this info, you reached a decision and hired a cleaning service. You know what their name is, you know who sold you their services, but do you know who will be doing the cleaning?

The janitorial industry is not just a service industry, it is a people industry. And as such, you need to know whom your cleaning service contractor will have in your building afterhours, unsupervised, and free to roam around your facility. This is why you need to know who those people are. What screening have they been through? What kind of training have they received? How invested are they in their job?

For ProCleaners, holding potential team members to intensive background checks is a must. This means you can feel comfortable with who your commercial cleaning company sends to clean your building. Once screened and hired, team members must receive some basic training on cleaning and safety, followed by additional specialized training. This training should be pertinent to their assignment, like school cleaning, medical cleaning, office cleaning, and other specialized training dependent on your facility. You might also want to ask your provider of janitorial services what incentives and benefits are given to team members. Competitive pay structures, incentives, bonuses, and a good overall employee culture will foster good performance and loyalty from those select people that take care of your cleaning service. This in turn, creates continuity and consistency in the cleaning services provided.

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