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How well is your child’s daycare cleaned?

Aside from hospitals and clinics, most would agree schools and daycares are one of the largest hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Daycares present a different scenario than schools, since the spread of germs is more prevalent in an environment where toys and other objects are commonly shared by children – sometimes from one child’s mouth to another. The presence of bodily fluids is also a constant reminder of the protocols needed for day care or early learning center cleaning.

A hospital grade disinfectant must be utilized for such types of germs, bacteria, and bodily fluids. According to an article on Cleanlink, Mark Bishop, vice president of policy and communications for the Healthy Schools Campaign, “recommends using hydrogen peroxide or citric acid-based products.” A cleaning service that utilizes green products and green cleaning protocols is the cleanest and safest choice when choosing a cleaning company to service a day care facility.

As parents and educators, our roles are of the utmost importance. As a parent, the next time you talk to your childcare provider, ask them how they approach the battle against germs and the spread of illnesses. If they do not have a response or they don’t have the right protocols in place, then it is time to recommend someone like ProCleaners.

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