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Are you caught in a cleaning contract?

Are you trapped in a cleaning contract with your current janitorial service? Our first suggestion is to never sign another contract again. Contracts are designed to guarantee revenue to the service provider. When a cleaning company utilizes contracts, the incentive to provide good cleaning results is not the priority.

ProCleaners does not make you sign a contract. We believe the quality of our service is what our clients need to pledge their continued loyalty. Without a signed contract a customer can discontinue their services at any given time and for any reason, even so, our client retention is exemplary.

Working without a cleaning contract means that ProCleaners does not cut any corners and we pride ourselves in providing a clean and healthy environment. If you are experiencing cut corners, or dirty ones for that matter, reach out to us. We can help you review your current cleaning contract and work on a cleaning program that will serve your needs.

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