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The ProCleaners Customer Service Philosophy.

Commercial cleaning contractors have long been accustomed to working on emergency mode and thus having a reactive approach to customer service. A reactive approach to customer service means that a contractor acts to provide solutions after receiving complaints or requests. Even if these issues get addressed, the fact remains that the customer had a negative experience and spent additional time dealing with an issue that could have been addressed by being proactive.

ProCleaners puts the “pro” in proactive. Our approach is to address any issues that might come up before they become a problem. Rather than waiting for customers to reach out with issues, we constantly solicit feedback from clients. The purpose of this is not to make sure their service is up to par, we know that it is. We request client feedback so we can be proactive on any situations that might arise. Does the client need a special service such as window cleaning or floor cleaning? Are they scheduled for an inspection or audit and want to address some items not in their regular cleaning scope?

Not only do we stay in constant contact with our customers, we also solicit feedback and reviews from our team members. Our team members are the most vital piece in providing a well-rounded service. They are the best providers of information regarding operational procedures, supply and equipment issues, and many aspects that management members might not see on a daily basis.

If you are interested in having a cleaning company that addresses dirty issues before they are noticed, and provides much more than just a clean work environment, then contact us today.

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